Beauty Center Excellent by Sonja Roth

… as core service, she offers cosmetic treatments, also with special devices. She is specialized in anti-aging skin care. Sonja Roth has managed her studio in Offenbach for 20 years and employs four trained cosmeticians.

She operates according to the motto "stagnation is regression". Therefore, Sonja and her team regularly participate in training courses to explore the latest trends. She considers it particularly important to interact with fellow cosmeticians and trainers at seminars. She thoroughly enjoys advising her clients and keeping up with the latest innovations in the cosmetics industry.
As enthusiastic MONTEIL cosmetician, Sonja also uses MONTEIL products herself. One of her favorite products is the Softening Lotion from ACTI-VITA.


For more than 10 years, Susann Thalmann has been self-employed as a MONTEIL cosmetician in Gemmingen. She started with the Basic Seminar at the Beauty School in Oestrich-Winkel, together with her colleague. In May, she will complete the Derma Expert Seminar.
She is mostly fascinated by the long tradition of the brand and the versatility of the products. She is absolutely delighted with the visible results of MONTEIL cosmetic treatments and enjoys having satisfied customers.

"I am pleased to treat my clients every day with MONTEIL products, which are individually tailored to any type of skin and are able to offset any kind of skin problem."

The MONTEIL HYDRO CELL products are particularly popular with her clients and can also be used at home on a regular basis. She herself swears by the Softening Lotion from the ACTI-VITA series!