• The name MONTEIL stands for high-quality biotechnological cosmetics that deliver what they promise.

    Even today, the original goal “to preserve beauty” of the brand’s founder is followed in every product line. MONTEIL researchers are anti-aging specialists, who develop product lines for every type of skin in any stage of life.  

    Thus, MONTEIL is not only linked to a traditional success story but the brand has also becomes stronger in the professional cosmetics environment. MONTEIL products are exported to more than 30 countries today. 

  • Since the symbiosis of Wilde Group and the renowned BRAIN AG, as a technology leader in the field of industrial or so-called white biotechnology, the brand is experiencing an upswing. BRAIN AG is a strong partner and expertly exploits nature's toolbox to develop innovative solutions and products for successful use in the cosmetics and food industries.

  • The cosmetics company WildeGroup, headquartered in Oestrich-Winkel, takes over the MONTEIL brand in 2006 and demonstrates its keen sense for high quality care concepts and extends its core competence as nail design specialist.

  • Germaine Monteil dies at the age of 87 in New York.

    Beecham takes over the brand.

  • Germaine Monteil retires and sells her life’s work to B.A.C.

  • Launch of products in France and opening of first beauty salons in the French capital.

  • What started with lipsticks to match her fashion designs, quickly develops into a successful enterprise. Germaine Monteil becomes the “Grande Dame” of the booming cosmetics market in the 1940s.

  • She is the first to receive the Nieman Marcus Fashion award in 1938 for the revolutionary impact of her haute couture and thereby becomes world-famous.

    Germaine Monteil is certain that the beauty of a woman is not a gift – rather a combination of natural charisma, personal style and expert care.

  • Germaine Monteil founds her own cosmetics brand in 1936 and is committed to developing skin care based on the scientific knowledge of top researchers and doctors.

  • The fashion designer and cosmetics company founder Germaine Monteil, born in 1898 in Paris, has the courage to make the journey to the land of unlimited opportunities at only 20 years of age. With her unique style and charm, she conquers America by storm.

  • born in Tule, France